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A Dictionary of Lemko Surnames

In his book, published in 1990 (?), Ivan writes: In the late 1970's, while doing research on my native village of Doshno, in the San region, using a copy of the Josephine Metryka in the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in L'viv, my associates and I (at the urging of Prof. Julian K. Red'ko) came up with the idea of reviewing the records (metryky) of all of the villages on the northern slopes of the Carpathians and then publishing a "Dictionary of Surnames of Galician Lemkos in the 18th Century."
Additionally, Austrian cadastral (land survey) records from the late 18th century were used by him to prepare this exhaustive listing of Lemko surnames one would encounter in these villages over 200 years ago. These records were created by the Austrian government shortly after annexation of Galicia in 1772, during what is known in history as the first of three partitions of Poland, resulting in disappearance of Poland from world maps from 1795 till 1918.

    An Introduction to "A Dictionary of Lemko Surnames"

    "A Dictionary of Lemko Surnames" - English version

    "A Dictionary of Lemko Surnames" - Polish version

    A Dictionary of Lemko Surnames - Ukrainian version

    Ivan Krasowskii - Pryzvishcha Halytskikh Lemkiv u 18 stulitiu. Lviv, 1992


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