Before writing to an archives we recommend that you first check the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church), LDS Family History Library Catalog to make sure that the records are not already microfilmed and available for viewing at the LDS's Family History Library (FHL).More information on this is available at:

If you have determined that the records that you need have not yet been microfilmed or will not be available for viewing for quite some time, we then suggest that you write to the appropriate archives.When you are composing a letter of inquiry to the archives please be brief and concise.State exactly what you want them to look for.

Some examples of the basic information to include in your letter of inquiry; full names, dates/year, time period researching, religion, village/selo, county/raion, province/district/oblast etc.

You would receive a reply from the archives faster if you wrote a letter in their language, either Polish or Ukrainian.Your reply will probably be in their language, so consider finding a local translator to interpret your letters if you are unable to do so personally.

Some of the archives are short on staff and other resources so please do not send letters to "every archives possible", doing little work yourself and expecting the archives to answer "all" of your questions! This will slow down on the time that it takes for archives to respond and may have other negative effects.

By listing these addresses, we do not guarantee that you will get a reply from the archives. Some archives have a better history of replying than others but you are still encouraged to contact them, as there has been progress.


* * *

Nasz znak: 843-176/03 Data: 2003-09-26
Archiwum Panstwowe w Przemyslu informuje, ze od dnia 1.08.2002 wszystkie archiwa panstwowe w Polsce maja wlasne cenniki uslug, a oplaty za uslugi przekazywane sa bezposrednio na konta poszczeglnych archiww.
W przypadku Archiwum Panstwowego w Przemyslu oplaty w odniesieniu do poszukiwan genealogicznych wynosza:
- 1 godz. poszukiwan - 55,00 zl,
- kserokopia 1 strony, z widocznymi tylko tymi informacjami, ktre dotycza czlonka rodziny: format A4: 14,00 zl, format A3: 16,00 zl,
- odpis jednego aktu: 40,00 zl.

Nie jest obecnie pobierana oplata wstepna, w okreslonych przypadkach archiwum moze natomiast pobrac zaliczke ( gdy szacunkowy koszt kwerendy przekracza 500,00 zl). Wysokosc zaliczki wynosi minimum 25% przewidywanego kosztu uslugi.
Jednoczesnie informujemy, ze w ksiegach greckokatolickich wpisy sa zwykle jednostronicowe, mieszczace sie na formacie A4, stad oplata za kserokopie jednego aktu wynosi w wiekszosci przypadkw 14,00 zl.

Dyrektor Archiwum Panstwowego w Przemyslu
mgr Boguslaw Bobusia
* * *

In Poland you can write your first letter to the Regional Archives. Based on the above letter from the Head of the Regional Archive in Przemysl [which is responsible for the villages where the Lemkos used to live before 1947], which is dated September 26th, 2003, this is their current policy and fee structure:

The Archives is hereby notifying us that effective August 1st, 2003, all regional archives in Poland have their own pricelist for services rendered, and these fees are to be sent directly to their individual accounts.
The fees for genealogical research applicable to the office in Przemysl are as follows:
- one hour of research time is 55 zloty
- a copy of the entire page, showing only info pertaining to your relative, A4 page size is 14 zloty, A3 is 16 zloty
- individual certificates are 40 zloty

The prelimenary, initial fee is no longer being collected, however in cases where the estimated research could exceed 500 zloty, a deposit of at least 25% will be requested.
Since most records made in the Greek-Catholic metryka books were made on pages which are A4 in size, therefore most fees will in these cases amount to 14 zloty.

[Note: at this time $1 is about 4 zloty]

The info that follows is therefore no longer accurate [that's how it used to done before]:
The Polish State Archives require that a $30.00 downpayment be provided prior to research being conducted. Failing this, you will receive a reply from the Administrative Offices in Warsaw, asking for a preliminary fee of US$30.00. You will send this fee to the Warsaw address and then you will receive a reply from the Regional Archives. This procedure usually takes about 1 to 3 months.
The Polish archives do not provide an estimate of the total cost of their research.They bill their time at a rate of $15.00 per hour and charge for other services, such as photocopying, which is $10.00 per page (1-2 pages).If the document consists of more than 2 pages the cost of a copy per page is $5.00/page. (above info per valid as of 6/15/99).

For researchers whose ancestors came from areas of Galicia which are now located in the country of Poland, check the following site for all of the addresses of Archives in Poland, compiled by the Polish Genealogical Society of America: updated 24 April 1998)

or this site compiled by the Polish State Archives: (last updated 2 July 1997)

The Archives to which we would most likely write are:

Administrative Offices of the State Archive System
Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwow Panstwowych
ul. Dluga 6, skr. poczt. 1005
00-950 Warszawa
[tel. 011-48-22-831-32-06/07/08, FAX 011-48-22-831-75-63]


Zabuzanski Collection, housed in the Civil Registry Office in Warsaw, has some Greek Catholic Parish registers;

Urzad Stanu Cywilnego Warszawa Srodmiescie
Archiwum akt Zabuzanskich
00-281 Warszawa
ul. Jezuicka 1/3


Roman Catholic Diocesan Archives at Tarnow has some Greek
Catholic Parish registers for the Eparchy of Przemysl;

Archiwum Diecezjalne w Tarnowie
33-100 Tarnow
Pl. Sw. Kazimierza 3


Archive of Old Documents (AGAD)
Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie
00-263 Warszawa
ul. Dluga 7


Regional Archives in Przemysl, Poland
Direktor mgr. Boguslaw Bobusia
Archiwum Panstwowe w Przemyslu
37-700 Przemysl
ul. Lelewela 4
Tel: 011-48-16-670-62-71, Fax 011-48-16-670-76-34


Archives of Archdiocese, Greek Catholic Church, Przemysl-Warsaw
Archidiecezji Przemyslu-Warszawskiej
37-700 Przemysl
ul. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 3/2



When writing to Archives in Ukraine, include two IRC (International Reply Coupon) available from your local post office. If their reply is negative, they can send you a reply using your return postage.

If they have found some information for you, they will bill you for their fees and disbursements. These Archives are in the same situation as the rest of the country. There are times that they cannot afford to pay for some things that they need to operate as a business. Not all have working photocopy machines or other supplies.

We have indicated the addresses of the Main Archival Administration in Kiev, the capital of the country; the Central State Historical Archives in Lviv, and 4 Oblast Archives which are located in Western Ukraine.

The following addresses are transliterated into Roman letters.They would have to be placed on an envelope in this way plus in Cyrillic, and your letter should be written in Cyrillic.

info on Kyiv received on 3/04/2003
State Committee on Archives of Ukraine
Holovne Arkhivne Upravlinnia
Prof. Dr. Hennadii Boriak
Director General
03110, m. Kyiv
vul. Solomianska 24

Tel. (044)277-2777
Fax: (044)277-3655
E-mail: ,

Dr. Heorhii Papakin, Head, Information,
Using of Records and International Department
Tel.: (380 44) 277-4522
Fax: (380 44) 277-3655


ղ ˲
: : , .
03110, ,. -110,
. ' 24


Central State Historical Archives in Lviv, Ukraine
Tsentralnyi Derzhavnyi Istorychnyi Arkhiv
79008, Lviv - 8
pl. Soborna3-a
Tel/Fax: (0322) 72-35-08


79008, - 8
. 3-

/: (0322) 72-35-08


State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine
Derzhavnyi Arkhiv Ivano-Frankivskoi oblasti
76000, Ivano Frankivsk
vul. Sahaidachnoho 42A
Tel: (38-03422) 63403


76000, -
. , 42

: (38-03422) 63403


State Archives of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Ternopilskoi oblasti
46000, Ternopil
vul. Sahaidachnoho 14
Director: Bohdan Khavarivsky
Tel: (0352) 224495 Fax: (0352) 228618


. , 14

: (0352) 224495, : (0352) 228618


State Archives of Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Lvivskoi oblasti
79006, Lviv
vul. Pidvalna 13
Tel:(0322) 72-00-30


. ϳ, 13

: (0322) 72-00-30


State Archives of Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Chernivetskoi oblasti
5800l Chernivtsi
vul. Shevchenka 2


. , 2

Ukrainian zip codes updated on 8/26/2002 based on input from Vladimir Kreshchishin of Kherson.


Himka, John-Paul, "Galicia & Bukovina: A Research Handbook about Western Ukraine, Late 19th - 20th Centuries", 1990

Lenius, Brian J., "Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia", 1993

Lenius, Brian J."Accessing Galician Genealogical Records (Part 2): Locating Vital Records", published in the East European Genealogist, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp 7-18, Summer 1996

Archdiocese of Przemysl-Warsaw, Greek Catholic Church website;

Polish Genealogical Society of America website;
(last updated 24 April 1998)

Polish State Archives website;
(last updated 2 July 1997)

Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University ArcheoBiblioBase website:

Personal communication with Dr. John-Paul Himka and Brian J. Lenius,
September - November, 1998


Lenius, Brian J., "Accessing Galician Genealogical Records (Part 1): Methods of Obtaining Vital Records", East European Genealogist, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 7-12, Spring 1996

(For information on the issues of the "East European Genealogist" refer to the East European
Genealogical Society at;

Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy, "Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the USSR: Ukraine and Moldavia", Princeton University Press, 1988

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