Road Atlas of Ukraine


The following is the Road Atlas of Ukraine as published, in Ukrainian. The scale of each map is 1:500,000 at a scanned resolution of 100 dpi. Each Individual Map Grid is approx. 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels in height ( 6 x 9 inches) in a highly compressed JPG Format to reduce on downloading time while still making them readable.

Each centimeter on these maps corresponds to a distance of 5 kilometers, or 1 inch approximately five miles.You are hereby fully authorized to browse through these maps for your personal use, and even show them to your friends.
This "Road Atlas", along with a Street Map of Kyiv (downtown) and maps of Lemkivshchyna are all available on a single CD with a much higher resolution, click on example A [Road Atlas], B [Kyiv] or C [Lemkivshchyna]. Bypassing modem downloading, these maps display instanteneously. Click here for details.


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