Vasyl/Bill Jula and Mykola Pawluk/ "On the Road".

Craftwork of Bill/Vasyl Jula

Hutsul doll
w/ a Lemko ceramic doll
Reproductions from The Carpathian Mountains, south of Lemkivshchyna.

Necklace/chockers. Outer ones: from the Pokuttia region
center: contemporary

Woman's dance costume from an area near Uzhorod, Zakarpatia,(rear view).

Woman's dance costume from an area near Uzhorod, Zakarpatia.

Necklace/chockers. Top two: from the Pokuttia region
bottom: Hutsul pattern

Necklace/chockers. Top: from Marmorosh (Hungary)
center: Hutsul
bottom: from the Pokuttia region

Bill/Vasyl Jula was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 22, 1953. He was raised by his father Michael, and his three paternal aunts: Dorothy, Ann, and Betty. The family instilled in him all the old traditions.

His paternal grandparents came from the Gorlitse area. His grandmother came from Vysova and his grandfather from Hanchova.

Bill's educational experience:

        Graduated Carlynton High School 1972

        Attended Art Institute of Pittsburgh 1972-74

     Recognized by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts with "Master Craftsman in Ukrainian Folk Art" status in the following areas:

         Leather work
         Festive Breads
         Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)

         Bill has also conducted workshops in beadwork, embroidery, bread decorating and pysanky.

         He has designed and made costumes as well as acted in a consulting position for:

          Poltava Ukrainian Dance Company Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

          Duquesne University Tamburitzans (Transcarpathian Suite 1997) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

          Various multi-ethnic dance groups in the Pittsburgh area and elsewhere.

Some of the old customs still practiced by Bill are:

Christmas Eve dinner with kisilitsia/.

Easter foods like yayechnik/, onion skin-dyed eggs/pysanky, etc.

Making "Homivka/" from cottage cheese and mint into patties and drying them in the sun for the feast of the Annunciation.

Making meatless borshch/ and serving it in a single common bowl with no knives or plates to commemorate the feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

Blessing fruit for Transfiguration.

Blessing flowers for Dormition (Assumption).

Making Korovai/ (wedding bread) for weddings.

Vasyl/Bill Jula and Arlene Esterburg, who's wearing a Hutsul dress, at the Pittsburgh Folk Festival. "We're on the road, again!".

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